Creative Friends FAQ - The creative social network | Find, meet, create!

How do I add photos?

Firstly, click on PHOTOS at the top of the screen. If you want to keep your photos nicely organised into groups for your profile, then click CREATE ALBUM on the right, and give your photo album a name and a description, then click ADD PHOTOS and follow the instructions. You can create multiple photo albums in this way.

How do I add videos?

Unfortunately, this isn't quite as simple as we would like, due to limitations in the software we are using. Rather than just pasting in a YouTube URL, like we would do on Facebook, we have to EMBED the video using a block of code. To do this, go to your video in YouTube and you’ll see below your video a button called SHARE. Click that, and then click the option on the far left called EMBED. You’ll then get another window, with a block of code on the far right. Copy all of that code (don’t miss any, copy the whole block of code), and then paste that in where you want it (e.g. in the VIDEOS section of Creative Friends). Your video should then appear!

How do I add music?

You can add Soundcloud tracks the same way as videos (see above). Unfortunately at present they will appear in the VIDEOS section. Hopefully we will identify a better solution soon!